Product request: 2019-08-05 12:06:04

Name Sarah Wyatt
Phone 07790928191
Task type Wardrobe doors & alcoves in living room
General description Hi Jake,

I’ve got some alcoves in both the living room and bedroom that need some work. In the bedroom, there are some rough wardrobes which need doors fitted to them (I think the previous owner just hung curtains in front). It doesn’t have to be decent wood as I’m planning to paint it the new colour of the walls afterwards so plywood or mdf (or whatever you think best). I’ve attached some pictures of the sort of thing that I would like instead but am very open to suggestions. I don’t think I need any other shelves inside the wardrobe just yet… I’m try to keep costs down so the doors at the priority at the moment!

Also, in the living room I have a couple of alcoves that I would like shelves and potentially cupboards in. There are shelves up but they don’t match and I’d prefer some floating shelves. Also, depending on costs I’d like cupboards at the bottom of the alcoves too. I’ve attached pictures of the current state and ideas of what I’d like.

The width of the living room alcoves is roughly 117cm. One of them has a wall mounted electric radiator it in but I’ll be removing that.

and the width of the bedroom wardrobes are:

left – 97cm
right – 123cm

One of the bedroom alcoves has shelves at the bottom but these will be removed this week as a plasterer is coming to replaster the insides and do some coving for me. The shelf at the top of each wardrobe will be staying so ideally I’d like two sets of doors for each wardrobe.

I’ve tried attaching photos of the current state and the sort of thing I’d like but it will only let me attach one photo for some reason so I can I email you photos separately?